Detail of c. 1800 Dress

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome . . .

Welcome to my new blog. Some of you know me from my previous website ( which I closed a few years ago so I could concentrate on our farm and marketing our farm products. Well, our farm house restoration is nearly done . . . the farm store is opened and we are at the level that we want to be with our sheep. . . . and I really have missed searching for costume and textiles, restoring, researching and then finally offering them for sale. This time around, I will only be focusing on costume and textiles from the 18th century to around 1860. My emphasis will be the later part of the 18th century to around 1830. I will be buying and selling fewer pieces . . . . but those that I sell in the future . . . I hope will be very special. Here is the photo's of a gorgeous early 19th century wax doll that I recently purchased (c. 1825) . . . she is not for sale at this time. What drew me to her was the fact that she is wearing all of her original clothing - including the remains of a pink silk spencer!!! The cap appears to be original as well. She is missing one of her silk trimmed kid shoes. Her hair had been lost long ago but I replaced it with some long tog locks from my sheep whose name is Pumpkin. Not too much . . . just little wisps. Such a sweet face for a doll from this period. Most have a very scary look about them. I think my little girl had just as much fun as I did yesterday fixing her up for this photo. I had to do some restitching on the Spencer and I discovered what a marvel this little gem was. It even had the finest piping for the seams!
Keep looking at eBay for some of the last pieces that I need to sell before I begin to really start buying again (I am listed under trousseaunet). Also, I am looking for some new sources of "As Found" and "New to the Market" early clothing and textiles (18th century - 1860 only please). Please e-mail or contact me by phone if you have something that may be of interest. Thanks so much!!! Violet J. Willis